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Ubuntu Philosophy
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Is an African philosophy which states:

"we are all in this together"


ImageMy partner, Ubuntu, was a magical horse who, in only three months of having being part of the herd, was able to transform my life, as well as the lives of all those who had the opportunity
to be close to him.

We wanted for him a name that could represent his beauty, calmness, peace, and over all his great heart.  His prior owner had told us about Ubuntu and how marveled he was about this philosophy, so we decided to name him Ubuntu. 

After three months of having him, he got sick. We walked together for six days and six nights.  The moon was our partner.  Those were difficult days, and during those days I decided to dig deeper and read more about the Ubuntu philosophy.  I was trying to find the gift that this situation had for us.  On the sixth day it was his time to leave.  In his memory I decided that I would reach the greatest amount of people possible with the meaning and message of the Ubuntu philosophy, always keeping in mind that "we don't need to have Ubuntu but be Ubuntu".  This is why our name in Spanish invites you to BE Ubuntu: C'Ubuntu - Se Ubuntu
(C'Ubuntu - be Ubuntu).


An Ubuntu person is open and available to others.  Ubuntu people back others up and do not feel threatened when they find others who are capable and good at something because they feel sure of themselves, knowing that they belong to a greater whole.

Ubuntu is a philosophy with great potential to make our lives better and it is based on the following beliefs:

Being connected to others gives us the opportunity to question stories that could be hindering our output and inhibiting our development.

  • Being busy is not an excuse not to do what really matters.
  • Being connected to another person in an authentic way liberates the most potent energy on the planet.
  • The success of the group must be considered to be above that of the individual.
  • The first step to bring Ubuntu to life is to discover it in our own heart.
  • Ubuntu comes from our inner, natural energy.
  • With confidence and respect, others will be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.
  • If we lack confidence or respect, the motivational techniques will look like manipulation.
  • Ubuntu starts by recognizing and accepting humanity, equality and the worth of each person.
  • We cannot simply do Ubuntu.  We must be Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu dos not mean we must respect a job not well done, it means to respect the person who did it.
  • Ubuntu is a compassionate philosophy, which is not the same as without a backbone.
  • When the group feels threatened by the behavior of an individual, it becomes necessary to call that person�s attention and ask, �What do we have in common? How can we better work together?  This process brings as a result that the differences do not define the relationship.
  • There are two ways to acknowledge a person:  The first one consists on simply on placing value on the person for who he or she is and the other is to value the person for what he or she accomplishes.
  • When you leave what is comfortable and known to go in search of something new and exciting, it is natural to feel insecure and even afraid.  This is when support and the collaboration of our colleges is most important.

Taken from:  "Ubuntu" by Lundin, S. and Nelson, B. (2010)

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