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Visit Guatemala
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Visit Guatemala the way of the horse...

C'UBUNTU Eponaquest Equine Assisted Experiential Learning.

que_hacemos_2Combine your vacations with an unforgettable horse retreat experience.  Join our herd for an experience of reconnection, self-awareness, relax, heal, or simply have fun.

Discover yourself, while you connect with the heart and wisdom of our horses and let them help you change your life forever.

We are located at the east of the country, 30 minutes from the city.  Where we have a nice and ever spring climate as well as fabulous view to three of our main volcanoes which are Fuego, Agua and Pacaya.

You can choose between our personal development, leadership, leadership through relationships for the different equine disciplines workshops.  We also offer horseback riding and healing programs.

Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World

mayan world tikal

The historic, natural, and cultural heritage of Guatemala may be discovered throughout the whole territory. The magic and mystery of the Mayan world subsist in the millenary cities such as Tikal, Yaxhá, Aguateca, and Quiriguá among others. The faces, the colorful regional costumes, and the kindness of the people from the highlands are like an echo of an impressive colonial past that may be heard in the churches and convents of Antigua Guatemala. Such resonance is also the contact with an exuberant nature which is the origin and destination of a unique biodiversity in the world.

Guatemala, host country of unique experiences, possesses richness of culture and nature that invites the visitants to know the integrating conception of an ancestral legacy: mystic and global, able to incite the visitant to enjoy the historical, harmonic, natural, spiritual and experiential elements of the communities of Guatemala.

These experiences are the combined with the people from Guatemala, who care the cultural and natural heritage and share with foreign people their life style, hard work, traditional knowledge and customs.

You will be able to know the Mayan culture and worldview and enjoy the  microclimates, colorful scenes, richness in flora and fauna and paths that offer adventures.

The country counts with a diversity of traditional activities that allow the tourist to have a dynamic relation with the indigenous people and the tourist destinations.

Guatemala presents to the world a variety of lovely tourist destinations which are available for all the people who want to enjoy an adventure in this wonderful country. Some of these places are: the Mayan sacred places, archeological sites, natural reserves, volcanoes, lakes, rivers and local markets.

antigua guatemala

Mayan culture.

More than 3,000 years ago, the ancient Mayas left a unique legacy full of knowledge in which they built monuments of cultural importance for Guatemala. The Mayas also left the knowledge of knit, Mayan medicine, traditional knowledge, events of life, food, Mayan worldview and fair tourism.

mayan culture