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Workshop - Desensitization of Your Horse
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Behaviors are forms of communication


We often judge people and horses according to their behavior, without seeing what is behind the behavior and what is in the heart.  Someone's behavior is often the way to express something they don't like, something that is bothering or hurting them, or it may simply be a reaction to fear, to being vulnerable or to incongruency, among others, due to prior situations.

There are experiences in a horse's life which can lead it to loose confidence or feel fear.  Horses learn to be brave from their mothers.  The colt's mother allows it to hit and bite her until it reaches a certain age, for this strengthens its character, self-esteem and self defense.  Once the colt reaches a certain age, the mother starts teaching about establishing limits, so that when the colt starts interacting with the herd it will know how to respect the other horses' limits as well as be able to understand and respect the established hierarchies.  In doing this, the mother is teaching her colt how to belong to the herd, that is, how to survive.


Desensitization of Your Horse