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Workshop - Desensitization of Your Horse
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Because some horses are separated from their mothers at an early age, some are not able to receive these teachings.  Instead, they are placed in an environment where man is in charge of teaching them limits in one direction, that is, without respect and without establishing a relationship of trust, which causes that the horses to react and behave inadequately.

Desensitizing your horse may allow you to have a better connection with it and have better results.  Most importantly, it may allow you to build a herd of two.

Even though each horse will need a different amount of time in order to be desensitized, depending on what needs to be healed or the things that must be seen from another point of view, we offer a package of four weeks of one daily hour sessions.



  • We base our courses on the premise that horses will do what their leader asks them to do.
  • We believe in team work and in being able to forma herd of two. Therefore, an important part of de sensible zeing the horse will depend on the way its leader will relate to it.  This is the reason why the rider or the horse´s leader is asked to take the workshop "The Horse is the Reflection of Your inner-self".  In doing so, both will be able to walk in the same direction.
  • The horse must be taken to Centro Ecuestre La Herradura, where it will receive the sessions.
  • The last sessions will be shared with its leader.

Duration: 2 Weeks

Type of Workshop: Equine Disciplines

Instructor: Dunia de Morales


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