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Workshop - Equine Disciplines
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You and your horse form a herd of two, but BEING A LEADER IS A REWARD NOT A RIGHT.

It must come to you because the horse recognizes you as its leader.  Your job is to earn that acknowledgment.

If we know that horses need to be protected, we will understand why they follow the leader they consider will give them security.  They will not follow someone who is insecure, who feels afraid, and even less someone who is incongruent with what he/she feels, thinks and says.  They identify incongruency as danger, for it is the way predators work: they subtly approach, slowly, without being seen, and when least expected, they attack.

Their survival depends on identifying the real intentions and emotions of those who surround them.  Horses are able to determine what is in your heart and emotions.  They can read your true intentions and commitments.  How are they able to determine them? Easily: through your non-verbal language, i.e. your behavior, gestures, body language, blood pressure and the energy you put forth.

Many people wrongly advice, "Don't let the horse know you are afraid, because it will take advantage of you."  You cannot wear a mask before a horse for they see through them.  This is the fascinating aspect of working with horses, they bring out into the open emotions, intentions, limiting factors and behavior that we might have never been aware we had.

Instead of trying to not let the horse know you are afraid, my advise would be to allow yourself to feel the fear, identify the message that fear is sending you, and analyze it to determine if it is really fear or a sense of feeling vulnerable.  It is important to be able to feel our emotions at their maximum expression, receive the message and take action.  At this point we are ready to transfer these messages to the horse so that it is aware of our true feelings.

What will I achieve through this?  The horse knows, sees, that I am being authentic and thus it is willing to commit to work together with me, now that our authentic states have been exposed.

It looks like a puzzle, doesn't it?

Join us in our next workshop.


The Horse Is The Mirror Of Your Inner Self

Working with horses involves being a leader who inspires and motivates.

Learn to:

  • Use your emotions as information
  • Open your inspiration and imagination (intention is derived from inspiration)
  • Visualize a goal
  • Guide your energy toward your goal
  • Know when and how to use the roles of a leader, dominant and partner
  • Be authentic
  • Form a herd of two with your horse, based on the creation of authentic communities.
  • Know how to use the motivational formula
  • Establish limits and understand the difference between limits and assertiveness
  • Recognize that behaviors are forms of communication
  • Earn the role of leader; earn the trust and loyalty

In order to have a better connection with our horse, and therefore a better result in our disciplines, we must set aside the voice of our thoughts (ego) and allow our intuition to guide us.  If we learn to feel the horse and become one with it, the result will be a good performance on the field, in our training sessions and our trials (buendesenvolvimiento en la pista, entrenamientos y purebas)

The horse will always be the reflection of our inner self, so the daily goal must be to be better with ourselves.  Horses can help us achieve this.  Horses can see if we are really committed with something or if we are merely pretending to be; if we are being sincere and honest or if we are only saying we are.

Duration: 3 days - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Type of Workshop: Equine Disciplines

Instructor: Dunia de Morales

Students per class: 6 max.


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