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C'Ubuntu - Talleres - Liderazgo
Workshop - Leadership
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The herd leader is not the strongest or largest horse.  The leader is the one who inspires trust and offers security.

We may have wondered what characteristics describe the people who lead and inspire excellence.  What is the difference between them and those who create an environment where the people under their authority tend to do the minimum effort in order simply to survive?  Studies have demonstrated that communication constitutes an important part of success in this area.  Oral communication represents only 10% of our real communication, and we often do not know how to use the other 90%.

What happens with the other 90%?  What happens with the attribute called Leadership Presence?  This intangible element was evident in great leaders such as George Washington, Winston Churchill and Ronald Regan , who also passed on to be masters (teachers?) in the equestrian art and were able to spend many hours working with the most difficult horses.  Is it possible that horses had a strong effect on these legendary leaders?  Yes, absolutely!  Horses help us exercise that other 90% of our communication skills.


Magnify Your Leadership