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Workshop - Leadership
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Horses do not respond well to people they do not trust.  And people, at their work places do not respond well to leaders they don´t trust.  Horses will misbehave with people they don´t respect, and people at their work place will somehow disregard the lead of people they do not respect, whether this is done in a passive aggressive or challenging manner. 

The problems people face with horses are generally problems originated by their trainers.   The problems with organizations that do not fulfill their objectives originate in an inefficient leadership.  We believe that this inefficiency has its roots in the lack of authenticity.  People, as horses, can detect when a leader really knows what he/she is doing and when he/she is only pretending.

When we are able to learn to use the other 90%, we can inspire trust and a sense of security within our team.  If each member is motivated to contribute according to his/her abilities and capacities, everyone will feel their work is valued.  In this way, through the help of a horse, we promote cohesion and strengthen the group.  And as leaders, we gain the respect of our group and are able to inspire others to greatness.

We know how important it is for businesses to have leaders who can use 100% of their communication skills, as well as their emotional intelligence and the leadership pillars.  For this reason we want to invite you to be part of these innovative leadership workshops.

During the Leadership Workshops, our equine partners will be your allies in learning to:

  • Identify your role in leadership
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Help others manage fear and anxiety during times of change or competition.
  • Use your body as a sensor able to read your and other people´s moods and worries.
  • Transform difficult conversations into opportunities.
  • Make decisions and take action in a more conscious state instead of the automatic mode we generally use.
  • Build work teams and authentic communities based upon trust and loyalty.
  • Develop abilities necessary to be able to work in uncomfortable situations.
  • Learn to read your emotions as information to improve your leadership capacity and abilities for life.
  • Learn to use verbal and non-verbal communication skills as important parts of relationships.
  • Unblock your social and emotional potential to be an effective and intelligent leader.
  • Motivate others through relationships and inspiration.
  • Establish and maintain healthy limits whilst creating an authentic community
  • Reach superior levels of consciousness
  • Immediately apply what you have learned in the workplace, home and at a personal level.


Benefits of Working with Horses

1.    These workshops provide a dynamic process for building leadership skills and self-knowledge abilities.

2.    Individuals will be able to identify and change their limiting behavioral patterns that do not allow the development of relationships based on trust within the workplace.

3.    The participants learn to pay attention to the subtle body language and emotional messages, to have clear thinking and to trust in the possibility of reaching their objectives.

4.    In the same way, as the person observes the response a horse has to his/her petitions and instructions, the person learns to communicate in a more effective manner, to face his/her fears, manage his/her emotions and be more aware and congruent in his/her actions.

5.    Working with horses allows you to experience deep relationships, increase trust, develop internal power,  to connect and identify with a community, and more.


Duration: 3 days - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Instructor: Dunia de Morales

Students per class: 6 max.

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