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Workshops - The Art of Living with Passion and Joy
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The Art of Living with Passion and Joy

The way we have been raised throughout history has caused us to be "trained" to adequately behave according to society´s expectations, and to please our parents and family.  During this workshop we invite you to leave all the social and cultural rules to make space for a more authentic form of being.   You can be the sculptor of your life.  Recognize your limits, the space you need to feel safe, and to pay attention to others.

artedevivirWith this workshop you will also be able to:

  • Learn to be a sculptor of your life
  • Learn to be responsible for yourself and your actions
  • Find your purpose in life, your passions, your dreams
  • Know yourself
  • Deepen your relationships
  • Connect with your authentic self and true sense of life
  • Learn to use tools to tap into your energy and reach inner freedom
  • Inspire others though example
  • Find the message behind your emotions
  • Learn to use your non-verbal language
  • Awaken and use the right side of your brain; the non-verbal, creative, intuitive and imaginative side.

Instructor: Dunia de Morales
Amount of persons per group: a maximum of 6 people

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