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Are you ready to see yourself through the horse´s eyes?
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Are you ready to see yourself through the horse´s eyes?

visibleSometimes we fall into the temptation of wanting to "fix others" while we ignore our own challenges and unresolved traumas.  We are not aware of what is inside us.  Life is a mirror.  We see in life and in those around us what we are and have.  We are not able to see something we do not have.  What bothers us in others is what really bothers us of ourselves but we have not seen it or have not been willing to recognize that we have it.  On the other hand, what we admire in others are qualities we have but have not recognized or have not wanted to see.  This is what the phrase, "It is easier to see the straw in someone else´s eye than the log in our own eye" means.

In this workshop you will also:

  • Have access to your inner intuition and wisdom
  • Practice a form of being more authentic
  • Accept yourself
  • Empower yourself
  • Discover the magic of being connected with your essence
  • Find the beliefs and convictions that do not allow you to grow, develop and relate to others in a correct way
  • Learn to change the convictions that limit you for positive ones
  • Listen to the messages behind your emotions in order to improve your interpersonal and
  • family relationships
  • Learn to use your non verbal language
  • Wake up and use the right side of your brain; the creative, intuitive and imaginative side.

Date: April 23-25, 2015
Instructor: Dunia de Morales
Amount of persons per group: a maximum of 6 people

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