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Workshops - In Search of the Physical and Spiritual Light
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In Search of the Physical and Spiritual Light

When your spirit is awake, it is a source of love and the realization of God in your life.

As it is mentioned in the book, Zen Mind, Zen Horse,  horses are marvelous teachers because they do not use an inner voice nor do they think with words, but simply feel and experience the energy and allow themselves to be led by their intuition.  Luis, a Tai Chi instructor, once told me, "You think too much.  Try to feel instead of think".  We cannot think our feelings; we cannot think what we feel; we can onlyfeel them and allow ourselves to be taken by them. 

As humans, we are prisoners of our thoughts and the left hemisphere of our brain, which according to the dictionary, is in charge of the motor area, recognizes groups of letters that form words and groups of words that form phrases.  It specializes in articulate language, the management of logical information and verbal memory. 

Horses offer us an opportunity to get out of that prison, close it and silence the left hemisphere of our brain in order to learn to use the right one.  This hemisphere is the one in charge of integrating; it is the center in charge of non-verbal faculties, specialized in feelings, sensations and special abilities such as artistic and musical.  This hemisphere integrates various types of information (sounds, images, smells and sensations) and transmits them as a whole.  This is how we make way for the imagination, creativity, art and intuition.

Horses, as we have mentioned before allow us to see ourselves through godly mirrors that reflect the energy that we put forth from our real emotions.  Horses react to what is within our hearts, not to what is in our heads or to what we express with our words.

What energy are we giving off?  How are we managing our energy? How do we use our energy to meet our objectives? How do we connect with our interior and our intuition?  What is the energy others are receiving from us?

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Instructor: Dunia de Morales
Amount of persons per group: a maximum of 6 people

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